High Voltage Projects you can Build
by Tony van Roon (VA3AVR)

Please Note: The Stun-Gun article on this website has been removed voluntarily for the time being. The article was only published as part of my High-Voltage articles to show the working of it and this particular article was missing the information on how to built the high-voltage coils, making the circuit useless in trying to physically building it. Even so, it seemed necessary to remove the article to prevent those intuitive characters from figuring out how to built it anyways by visiting numerous other websites with similar articles. Having said that, what about the thousands of websites with Tesla coil plans? They are a hundred times more dangerous than a Stun-gun or a Dazer! -Tony

Build the Lightning Bulb
The Classic Induction Coil
High-Voltage Capacitors, build your own!
High-Voltage DC Generator
High-Voltage Pulse Generator
Induction Heating demonstrated by Richie Burnett
Jacobs Ladder
Kirlian Photography
Lightning Generating Tesla Coil
Negative Ion Generator  by John Iovine
Negative-Ion Detector and Tester  by Vincent Vollono
Rail Gun, building project (Research lab)
Stun Gun circuits on Chemelec's site
Stun-Gun from R-E
Square Tesla Coil
Solid-State Tesla Coil, #1
Solid-State Tesla Coil, #2
van de Graaff Generator (200,000-Volt)
Wimshurst Machine 

Richie's Tesla Coil Website - Good website with excellent Tesla resources.

Editor's note and Disclaimer: The "High-Voltage" devices presented here are for educational and experimental purposes only as part of our High-Voltage 'Learning' Projects. Build and/or use at your own risk. The Sentex Corporation of Cambridge, host of "Tony's Website!" (http://www.sentex.ca/~mec1995), or Tony van Roon himself, cannot be held liable or responsible or will accept any type of liability in any event, in case of injury or even death by building and/or using or misuse of this device or any other high-voltage device posted on this web site. By accessing, reading, and/or printing the articles presented here you agree to be solely responsible as stated in the above disclaimer and exempt the University of Guelph and/or Tony van Roon from any criminal and/or lability suit. Safety is a primary concern when working with high voltage circuits or con/in-verters. Play it safe!

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