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Copyright theft of my Bench Top Power Supply by Tom Petruzzellis

Please know that my "Bench Top Power Supply" project was copied and used without providing *any* credit to myself in a book published by McGraw-Hill titled "Build Your Own Electronics Workshop" ISBN 0-07-144724-5 by Tom Petruzzellis. (Available from Sayal Electronics).
No where in this book is credit given or my name used in relation to these projects. Copyright violations for the powersupply and the "AutoFan" circuit on pages 174 to 184.

I, Tony van Roon, am the legal author of these projects.

I'm flattered that my project was good enough to be published in a McGraw-Hill book, but saddened that neither credit or compensation was given.

I'm taking legal advise at this time to investigate the issue.

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