My Electronic Symbols Template for Paint Shop Pro
used with all my schematic diagrams
© 2004 by Tony van Roon

Over the past 15 years or so I have created all sorts of symbols and icons and keep them in a template from which I copy-and-paste whatever I need to create a circuit diagram. I decided to share this template with anyone interested in creating beautiful and easy to read schematic diagrams, just to keep our declining hobby alive. For ease of use, and you may have noticed, most of my circuits are in .gif format and 256-colors palet. It is important to keep reading...

Right near 'IC1' (right lower corner) you will see this 'block-of-colors': Click on it to see an enlarged picture. You probably wonder why it is there, and what it does. Well, it is a trick I use to maintain a full palet of colors after the circuit diagram is saved in gif format to ensure that, whenever I have/want to change something in the diagram I still have a full palet of colors. Without this color-block the .gif file only saves whatever colors are used in a new palet. Try it, you will see it works. You can add your own colors to the color-bar, one pixel will be enough, just make sure they come from the (i>256-color palet.

All my schematics are drawn in 256-color format and so the color-block. More colors are not needed and keeps a lid on the size of gif files you draw. Keep this in mind. Trying to use my template with anything more than 256 colors will result in distorted colors when you zoom in and have a close look at the symbols. When you open a 'new' file in Paint Shop Pro or any other drawing program, set the parameters to 256-colors (8-bit) and you be fine. Then one of the first symbols to copy-and-paste is the color-block (or color-bar). Save the new file and when you're all done with the new drawing save it, cut the color bar and save again. The palet colors will now always be there for future enhancements. If you have questions about a symbol or icon you can reach me in the Message Forum of the main page.

One more thing, color cartridges for printers are expensive. Try to remember that when you create your schematics. I'm not referring to the colored electronic icons but rather too much color used in text or background. It is best to keep the background of your drawings white. I have made the same mistakes and learned my lessons. Now, whenever I have to update a diagram I try to scale back the color usage. Every bit helps.
Since I created the symbols (except the bulbs) and know how to use all of them, I never bothered to put a name with it. I found it would just clutter up my "parts.gif" template (as I call it).

Well, that's it I guess. Click here: [Parts Template] to save a copy of my template to your hard drive and start using it. If I have a new icon to add I will let everyone know. Vice-versa, If you created a nice looking icon and wish to share, let me know and I will add it to the template. The "parts.gif" file is a bit wider then the screen and so it looks like it is squeezed a bit. Don't worry about it, it'll be fine. When you see the picture, richt-click on it to save a copy.

One more thing--you are NOT allowed to feature my template on your website, it is for your personal use only, please, and thank you.

Have fun creating beautiful and eye pleasing schematics, and again, share your icons. Cheers! --Tony van Roon

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