Whooper2 Schematic Diagram

Parts List:
      R1,R4 = 6K8               C1,C4 = 100uF,16V electrolytic
      R2,R9 = 10K               C2,C3 = 0.05uF, ceramic    
         R3 = 2K2             
      R5,R7 = 1K                   B1 = 9V Alkaline Battery
         R6 = 100 ohm           SPKR1 = Loudspeaker, 8 ohm 
         R8 = 22K                  S1 = SPST switch
Q1,Q3,Q4,Q5 = 2N3904
         Q2 = 2N3906            
A complete KIT plus Printed Circuit Board will be available soon. 
Note that the printed circuit board is only available with the kit.

Whooper Alarm:
Exchange R8 for a higher pitch. Experiment with R8, C1, or combination thereoff.

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