Dr. Marc Boileau Towers of Time

"Towers of Time"

by Prof. Marc G. Boileau, Ph.D., CNA, MCP

Front cover: Clock tower of the old Galt Post Office in Cambridge Ontario.

This book is a collection of about 200 photographed clock towers in Ontario, covering a history since 1857.

Marc Boileau is a biologist in the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology at the University of Guelph and an expert on the genetics of arctic invertebrate populations. He is also a software engineer, entrepreneur and history enthusiast.

Dr. Boileau has published numerous research and popular articles. His book, Towers of Time: Ontario (Looking Back Press), examines the post-Confederation inventory of Post Office buildings in Ontario. Their design styles vary considerably but reflect some common themes. The book and his slide shows link their histories and styles. Nationally, he has a nearly complete photographic collection of post-Confederation Post Offices.
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Available from your local book store, Amazon.com: ISBN:1-55068-944-4

Published by Looking Back Press
An Imprint of Vanwell Publishing Limited
ISBN 1-55068-944-4 128pp with 200 b/w photos $22.95

You can contact Marc Boileau here: boileau at uoguelph dot ca

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