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Below are the 12 parts (for now) transistor tutorials. They are posted "as is", errors and all (if any).
 History of the Transistor - Read the complete history!
 Bipolar Basics (Part 1) - Get a fresh start.
 Bipolar Junction Transistor (Part 2) - Much more to learn.
 Common-Collector Amplifiers (Part 3) - BJT Amplifiers.
 Power Amplifiers (Part 4) - Learn about audio amplifiers.
 Audio Amplifiers (Part 5) - Stereos, Tuners, CD Players, etc.
 Practical Transistor Circuits (Part 6) - Amplify, filter, white noise, flashers, MD
 Oscillators and Multivibrators (Part 7) - BJT circuits to experiment with.
 Transistor Amplifier Design (Part 8) - It's easy to design an amplifier.
 Field Effect Transistors (Part 9) - What to look for when selecting them for your designs.
 Working with MosFet's (Part 10) - How make them work in practical circuits.
 All About Transistors: FET's (Part 11) - Learn about these voltage-amplifiers.
 How to Design Oscillator Circuits (Part 12) - [IN PROGRESS]

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