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Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. As you can see from the logo it’s been up and running since 1995. The past 15 years I’ve made an effort to keep the electronics hobby alive with circuits, tutorials and information and all *free*. In the process I made a lot of new friends, thanks for that. Right now I’m revamping this very large website which has grown to almost 210Meg! Some areas, like “Recipes”, will be deleted and others of new interest such as ‘free-energy’ will be added. Radio Control and Hobby Circuits are combined to free up some badly needed web space. With the unfortunate downfall and elimination of Greenback Publishing, the publisher of well known magazines like “Radio Electronics, Radio Bulletin, Electronics Now”, Hands-on Electronics, and a couple others, meant that those looking for learning electronics and building projects were left out in the cold. At that time I decided to increase my input on to the Web with free circuits, electronics tutorials, and a Forum to chat with each other. On a good note, there are a couple electronics magazine holding their own. Nuts & Volts (US), Elektor (UK), and on-line electronic magazines are just a few to mention, Elektor and Nuts & Volt being the most popular.

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A couple dozen other good informative free websites, like Gary’s site in BC (note: no longer exists) popped-up doing the same with different areas of electronics, free stuff, and all the help you can muster. Sadly about 50% of all those sites from a decade ago have gone commercial trying to make a buck. My site *is* and *will* remain free for as long as I’m able to maintain it. My Construction KITS (edit – kits taken down – mike)section was created to make building a project easier without the search for parts and components. It is practically non-profit. The money earned with it is used to refill inventory needed for the KITS. As long is there is interest for building projects I will make the effort to supply KITS and make people happy.

The last couple years I have been concentrating on Hydrogen and HHO research and am attempting to come up with new ideas for free energy using very high voltage and alternate fuel. Also, I’m working on a new ‘Water-for-fuel’ engine with the support of received donations. Thanks to all who donated!
Unfortunately during the summer I do “summer” stuff like riding my motorcycle. It’s too hot anyway to spend these good times indoors in the workshop. Research and development in this area is very slow. Lack of funds for components, special tools and equipment and a decent workshop is holding me back. On top of that it takes time and funds to get issues sorted out by a mechanical or electronic engineer. But unavoidable.